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Burkhardt Construction is a small company and we do nearly all of the work ourselves. We take pride in always doing the best work we can at very reasonable rates. We are honest and conscientious, take pride in our work and never try to sell you work or materials that you don’t need. When options are available, we explain them to you and tell you the advantages or disadvantages of each, give you our opinions as to which way we think you should go and explain the differences in price. Create a more modern and energy efficient home with Burkhardt Construction.

Kitchen & Bathroom Remodeling:  We do complete kitchen and bath remodeling from start to finish including demolition, framing alterations, running new water and gas lines, hanging drywall and installing new cabinets. We set tile, paint and install new lighting fixtures, exhaust fans and range hoods. We install toilets, showers, faucets, dishwashers, garbage disposers and kitchen appliances.

Carpentry: We provide a full range of indoor and outdoor carpentry services. We install windows, doors and skylights; build decks, handicapped ramps, stairs, and retaining walls. We alter framing, install trim and moldings, repair dry rot and termite damage and build and repair fences and gates.

Electrical Work: We can completely re-wire your house, or troubleshoot electrical problems. We upgrade electrical panels, install sub panels, exhaust and whole house fans, install light fixtures, receptacles and switches, hook up hot tubs, and run new circuits.

Plumbing Services: We can plumb or re-plumb your whole house. We install both supply and waste lines, install sinks, toilets, showers, valves and water heaters, (both tank and tankless). We can install water filters; repair leaking pipes, faucets and fixtures and can supply you with new water mains, pressure regulators and gas lines. We can show you how to reduce your water usage and lower your water bills.

Drywall & Concrete Installation: Concrete: We do minor work like installing small concrete pads, minor foundation repairs and we can even widen your driveway.Drywall: We install, repair, tape and texture drywall. We repair small holes and hang multiple sheets for larger drywall installation jobs.

Floor & Wall Tile: We install floor and wall tile and pay great attention to detail. Whether your tiling needs are indoors or outdoors, we can lay your tile quickly and professionally. In addition, we often do small vinyl flooring installations and can install laminate flooring in a room or throughout your house.

Minor Home Repair Services: We can repair faucets and toilets, patch holes in sheetrock, paint, build and install shelving and replace door locks. We install thresholds, repair fences and decks, put in grab bars and phone jacks, replace light fixtures, hang ceiling fans, install gutters and downspouts and perform most other minor home repairs.

Don’t see the service you need? Please contact us to talk about your project.

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